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Car lockout – chances are most of us have left the car keys in the ignition and locked ourselves out of our car. Car lockout happens to everyone and most of us know it happened the moment we hear the car door shut. Nobody does a self car lockout on purpose. It just happens even though it can be frustrating and down right maddening. Many of us have seen the guy on television that is experiencing a car lockout and uses a slim Jim or coat hanger to open the car door. Does anyone have these tools available when they are experiencing a car lockout other than if they are lockout in front of their own drive way? Then you can just run inside your house and get a coat hanger for the car lockout. But does this really work?

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Get a spare key made at the nearest home goods store for a few dollars and while you are there pick up one of those magnetic key case. Make sure it is a heavy duty magnetic with plenty of strength so that you can hide it underneath your car and it will stay put under all driving conditions for the day you ar in a car lockout situation. Hindsight is clarity and we at Towing Kansas city understand this so when you call us for 24 hour car lockout roadside services we will bring you a magnetic key box for future use. Make sure to mention this ad to receive this special car lockout bonus.

Sign up for AAA Membership and receive car lockout roadside assistance plus it includes more services like battery jump start, fuel delivery, and towing. Get it for the car lockout services and get a whole lot more value added roadside services included.

If you car lockout keys require dealership programming and thus towing to their dealership it is much less expensive to contact Towing Kansas city 24 hour car lockout roadside services. It is very important to provide the make and model so we can determine the best options for you. Some keys require special key machines and programing other times your car lockout is due to keys being left in your automobile. In which we are by far the least expensive and fastest option to get you and your family traveling on the road again.

All of our car lockout technicians carry the latest slim Jim kits along with extensive training so that we can safely, quickly and get you on the road with no damage to your vehicle. Each of our car lockout technicians carries the newest slim jim kits available. Made from rounded stainless steel with vinyl ends in 10 different lengths, widths, and sizes designed to safely open any type of vehicle. We also us air pump wedges before sliding the slim jim to avoid any damage. We us the same slim jim kits that are approved by many police departments.

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