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Light duty towing is defined as towing any vehicle that weighs 10,000 pounds or less. Cars of this size and weight fit what you see driven on the roads by the general public and would include most cars, pick up trucks, and minivans.

Light Duty Towing Wreckers Are Popular

Light Duty Towing in Kansas City
Everyone who commutes to and from work is aware of towing services and seen Light Duty Towing company. Light Duty Towing trucks are the most popular because of the thousands of traffic accidents that happen on the United States freeways and roads everyday. In addition, motorist experience car beak downs, flat tire, dead battery, and parking violations which all give rise to the light duty towing truck or sometimes called a light duty wrecker. Thus their popularity is due to the increased demand.

Light Duty Towing – Does It Cause Damage To Car?

There are three main types of tow methods for light duty towing: hook and chain, axle cradling, and flatbed. The chain and hook is the oldest type of towing method and Towing Kansas city towing types does not employ this old method. Because it can cause damage to the vehicle in tow rear bumper. Instead, our light duty towing trucks us axle cradling which lifts the rear tires off the ground while in tow. This way the vehicle arrives safely with no damage. We care about the safe delivery of your vehicle and take pride in keeping your car unharmed while under our professional towing care.

Our light duty towing trucks come equipped with courteous well trained tow technicians to ensure the best possible customer service and towing experience. You quick and safe return home is our number one priority at Towing Kansas city.

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