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Getting stranded motorists with flat or damaged tires back on the road is what we do best with our quick response 24 hour one call solution. Our roadside services commitment to you is to assist you in the safest and fastest possible manner.. Regardless of the reasons for your flat tire our team will get you the help you need in a hurry. Our trained emergency roadside technicians come fully equipped to get you and your vehicle back on the road as fast as possible.

If you experience a flat tire please make sure you have pulled over to a safe area even if that means driving a very short distance with a deflated tire. Driving less than a hundred feet on a flat tire while driving at walking speed will not damage the vehicle. Your personal safety is priority.

A flat tire on a Mercury Villager van.

A flat tire on a Mercury Villager van. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Towing Kansas City Tire Flat Tire Assistance Team Comes Fully Equipped To Help You Out in a Hurry.

Due to increased safety concerns it is most likely that the driver will opt to help you get your vehicle towed to a local tire shop. If your car is equipped with tire pressure warning the tire repair expert would then opt to tow you to the closest tire repair shop.

In Most Roadside Tire Repair Situations Our Emergency Assistance Technicians Will Take You to a Safe Location.

Tips for ensuring tire longevity: Tire Safety is important because as they say everything rides on them. You can yourself avoid needing roadside tire repair by simply maintaining proper tire pressure. Studies have clearly shown that by observing the correct tire pressure not only will your vehicles handling performance improve but so will the longevity of your tire thus avoiding time consuming emergency roadside tire repair. Tires naturally lose air over time so it is important check the tire pressure on a regular basis (every oil change).

You can take tire maintenance a step further and get them rotated every 5,000 miles to avoid an unexpected roadside tire repair. Even if you have performed proper ongoing tire maintained you can still get a tire puncture from a nail or screw. In such cases we recommend you make sure to not only patch the inside of the tire that the type of patch used will fill the hole from the outside with tire rubber. This is the proper and safest method for tire repairs caused by a sharp object punching the tire.

The importance of the plug-patch is that this extra safety step of filling the tire hole with tire rubber eliminates the hole entrance exposed to water damage that will corrode the internal metal of the tire. Thus leaving your tire repair a future hazard waiting to happen.

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If you cannot call us and are forced to repair your own tire then please watch this instructional video on how to change a tire.



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The safest option would be to call Towing Kansas city Roadside Emergency Tire Assistance.

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