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Emergency Towing Kansas City offers short and long term vehicle storage for your convenience. We offer indoor and outdoor vehicle storage plus classic car storage. Whether your car needs to be stored for 1 day or 1 year there are certain vehicle storage tips that need to be taken so that the storage does not harm your vehicle.

Many do not realize that when storing a vehicle especially for longer periods that there are certain parts of an automobile that do not do well when stored. Those would be brakes, fluids, batteries, belts, and tires to name a few. At Emergency Towing Kansas City Vehicle Storage Services we can help to ensure your vehicle storage is a positive experience with no long term damage to you car.

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Before Vehicle Storage Perform all Maintenance

It is important to your vehicle all regular maintenance is performed before storing your vehicle even if the regular schedule date has not arrived. The oil in your engine needs to fresh regardless of how few miles it may have. Used engine oil contains contaminants that cause corrosion while your vehicle is in storage. Also replace the brake fluid and coolant as well. The coolant should be a standard 50/50 mixture with antifreeze even if the temperature will not exceed freezing. The antifreeze will prevent the inter working of your car from rusting.

Gas tank should be full. Gasoline acts as an absorber of water and moisture. By filling your tank with gasoline before storage you reduce the chances of any water or moisture build up in your carburetor, injectors, and fuel lines. Add the fuel storage additive.

In addition, you should disconnect the battery. Despite the fact that the care will be turned off if it is connected the amount of charge loss will increase thus you will return to a dead battery. By disconnecting it you slow down the natural release of battery discharge.

Lastly, for longer storage times you will want to over inflate your tires. Just make sure that you do not over exceed the maximum manufacture tire pressure. By over inflating but not exceeded the maximum inflation you will greatly reduce the chances of developing flat spots which will require that you buy four new tires.

Vehicle Storage For All Your Needs

Emergency Towing Kansas City offers long and short term vehicle storage as part of its towing services for all your needs. We can store a vehicle for short term while you find a auto body or mechanic to restore your vehicle. For longer needs we can help prepare your vehicle for proper long term vehicle storage so that you can return to undamaged vehicle. Regardless think of Emergency Towing Kansas City for all your vehicle storage needs.

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